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"The day I met Jana Burson I knew I wanted to work with her.  She draws people in with an unmatched skill set and genius at her craft, but locks in their loyalty with her heart and authenticity.  I've never met someone more passionate about what she does and the people she believes in, and I trust her with every area of my career, ministry, and life.  I'll work with Jana Burson as long as she'll have me." 

-Christa Black Gifford, Author, Speaker, Singer and Songwriter


"Jana Burson is one of the best editors I've ever worked with, and I've worked with more than I can count. She brings an unmatched attention to detail to every project, but more than that, Jana has an infectious heart and passion for crafting Jesus-honoring content. If you hire Jana for your project, I guarantee you won't be disappointed."

-Jonathan Merritt, author of Jesus is Better Than You Imagined; Senior Columnist for Religion News Service

Kristin Armstrong.jpeg
Jonathan Merritt

"You know how when you do the work you love it feels more like love than work?  Well, that's what's it's like to work with Jana.  She takes the time to get to know you, really know you and understand you.  She finds the person behind the words, the reasons behind the person behind the words.  And she represents you there, on a heart level, carried out into the world.  Her walk and talk match, her faith informs all parts of her life.  She cares, takes care, and she knows her stuff.  Whether she is editing or publicizing my work, I trust her to shepherd my best intentions."

Kristin Armstrong, author of seven books including Happily Ever After, Strength for the Climb, Work in Progress, Heart of my Heart, Mile Markers, and Ties that Bind.  


"In a world that can tend to be full of smoke-and-mirrors, I trust Jana Burson. I trust her integrity, honesty, intelligence, experience and the way she has my back."

-Wm. Paul Young, New York Times bestselling author of The Shack and Cross Roads


"Jana Burson is that rare mix of life-giving encourager and insightful coach. She’s made every project I’ve worked with her on a lot better, and she did it in a way that somehow kept me engaged in the work. Her character and competency is simply top shelf and I’m so thankful for the experience and expertise she brings."            

-Jud Wilhite, author of The God of Yes, Sr. Pastor of Central Christian Church


"I was craving professional and helpful feedback on my proposal and Jana not only took the time to read and edit it, she was also intentional about understanding my audience and my heart for what I was writing"

-Edie Wadsworth, Life in Grace